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    Each of these names up to Google have already found their demise in my lifetime. Gilder in his book "After Google" posits that we are gearing up to another major shift, and this is BIG! After reading another good read i recommend, Galloway's "Four," You can see the larger context of whats...
    Though "pretty" in this light.. this shows there are invisible things happening around you because of wifi.. the photographer is intrigued by how these "ghosts" play.. but do we honestly think that there's little to no effect to our bodies.. not trying to scare, just we can be wired just as...
    It never ceases to amaze me as soon as somebody figures something out it's too late. Of course there's always some huckster who's willing to prey on their naïveté as well. Though shameful many have little clue when something is a dead avenue, and when they clearly don't understand what it takes...
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